We love questions - they give us the chance to tell you all about our products, dedicated bakery and the craft of gluten-free and wheat-free baking. So if you can’t find the information you need in our Living Gluten Free FAQ, feel free to contact us and ask away.


About our brand and products

Why have Warburtons started to bake gluten, wheat and milk free bread?

Because we felt it was high time we brought our baking expertise to the free-from aisle. It’s all part of our commitment to giving even more people the chance to enjoy our products.

Why have you created the Newburn Bakehouse brand?

We decided to launch a separate brand to show our commitment to the gluten, wheat and milk free category. We invested in a new, dedicated bakery and employ specialist artisan bakers who really understand gluten free and are passionate about baking.

Are the products in your Newburn Bakehouse range wheat free as well as gluten free?

Absolutely! They are all gluten free AND wheat free. But, they are absolutely not taste free!

Where can I buy Newburn Bakehouse products?

Take a look at the Where To Buy section to see which of our products are stocked by the major supermarkets and online stores. You’ll usually find them on the free from aisle. Alternatively, they may be among the healthier options on the main bakery aisle.

Are products containing wheat manufactured or packaged at the same site as Newburn Bakehouse products?

No. The Newburn Bakehouse bakery only produces gluten, wheat and milk free products. We built a new, self-contained bakery to ensure all our products are totally safe for our customers.

How long has it taken to develop the range?

Our baking team have been tirelessly researching and developing gluten, wheat and milk free products for years. Thanks to their dedication and passion, we believe we now have the right recipes and a range to be proud of. We’re also delighted to have worked closely with Coeliac UK to develop our Newburn Bakehouse range.

Are there any plans for other Gluten Free products?

At Warburtons we’re always on the look out for new ideas. You can help by telling us what you'd like to see in the Newburn Bakehouse range on the Talk To Us tab.

About our ingredients

What are the nutritional benefits of Newburn Bakehouse products?

Our loaves and rolls are a source of Calcium and Iron, and are also a source of fibre. All our products are certified by Coeliac UK.

How do the ingredients differ from standard bakery products?

Instead of using wheat and gluten, we looked at alternatives such as maize, potato, rice and tapioca. But the common ingredients such as yeast, water and salt are still used.

About our prices

Why is the cost of your gluten & wheat free products so high?

Unlike gluten containing bakery products, our gluten free products require many more ingredients and are baked on a much smaller scale, meaning that we can’t always make the financial savings associated with baking larger batches. We work hard to give you the best product at the best possible price.

About gluten free allergens

What are the symptoms of Coeliac Disease, gluten sensitivity and wheat allergies?

The symptoms vary from person to person and can range from very mild to severe. These can include diarrhoea, excessive wind, constipation, nausea and vomiting, stomach pain, anaemia, tiredness, headaches, weight loss and mouth ulcers. For further information please visit www.coeliac.org.uk.

What is Coeliac Disease and Dermatitis Herpetiformis?

Coeliac Disease is an autoimmune condition where the body produces antibodies that attack its own tissues. It is triggered by gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. Dermatitis Herpetiformis (DH) is a blistering skin rash associated with the disease.

How common is Coeliac Disease?

It is thought that 1 in 100 people in the UK have Coeliac Disease, but there are many others who haven’t been diagnosed. There are also a lot of people who follow a gluten free or wheat free diet as a lifestyle choice or for medical reasons such as IBS.

About our new bread

Is the new recipe milk free?

Yes. The new recipe still remains gluten, wheat and milk free along with all other bakery products in our range.

Is the new bread nutritionally better?

After listening to our customers’ feedback and considering the needs of those on a gluten free diet, we've made sure the bread is higher in fibre than the previous version and lower in saturated fat too. 

How many varieties of bread are available?

We have 2 new loaves all made with our new soft Farmhouse recipe; a White and Seeded Farmhouse Loaf, all available in 560g packs.


Will the new bread be available for me to order from my local pharmacy?

The new bread* will be available to order in pharmacies towards the end of 2014 with the name and PIP code staying the same as our current ones. We will make a formal announcement of an exact date nearer the time. Please keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for more information or sign up to our product news emails. You can see a full list of the products we offer in pharmacies here.


*Please note that the bread available through pharmacies will remain the same 400g size and shape and the rolls will still have 3 sub rolls in a pack, but will be made with the new and improved recipe. This is in order to remain within NHS requirements.

What will the price of the new bread be?

We have a recommended retail price (RRP) of £2.99 for each loaf of bread. Please check in store for prices.

Where are the new loaves listed?

You will be able to find the new loaves in Sainsbury's and Asda from Monday 29th September and Tesco, Morrisons and Waitrose from Monday 13th October. You can check our stockist list here

Why are the old products being removed?

Our new loaves and rolls have been developed as improved versions of our previous recipes, and therefore are replacing the previous versions on retailer shelves.

Why aren’t you keeping the smaller size loaves?

After listening to your feedback we found the majority of our customers wanted larger loaves. We have made our new Farmhouse loaves with bigger slices, and with 16 slices per loaf. This gives you the opportunity to use our bread throughout the week for a variety of different meal options.

Why are your loaves 560g? Your Seeded loaf was 600g before?

Whilst improving the recipe we have managed to create a better rise within the loaf, resulting in a taller, larger slice. As a result the loaf is now much more like standard loaves, which tend to be lighter and less dense than gluten free loaves. Although the loaf weight has reduced slightly, the dimensions of the loaf have actually increased, with a larger, taller loaf and more slices.

Why has the Seeded loaf reduced in seeds from 10% to 8%?

The new recipe contains the same mix of linseeds, poppy seeds, millet seeds and sunflower seeds, however as the texture of the new recipe is less dense, our trials showed that the recipe performed better when we included slightly less seeds.

Cracker Thins Discontinuation FAQs

Why have you stopped selling Cracker Thins?

This was outside of our control. Stockists reviewed the range of products available in the Free From range and decided they didn’t want us to produce the product any longer. 

When did you stop producing the product?

We stopped producing the Cracker Thins on 31st December 2015.

Will I be able to buy the product online?

Unfortunately not. Due to a drop in demand we cannot justify baking small quantities, which means that the product won’t be available online or in store.    

What alternative product do you recommend instead?

We offer Bran Crackers on prescription for diagnosed Coeliacs, or there are a number of alternatives available on the Free From section in the supermarkets. 

Are there any plans to bring them back?

We review our product range and new product development plans on an ongoing basis and are always looking to improve our range, as yet no decision has been made. 

Will you be replacing the Cracker Thins with another, similar product?

We currently have no plans, however, if you would like to send us suggestions of other products you would like to see added to our range, simply get in touch

Is there a recipe so I can make bake my own?

Due to the high temperatures needed to make this product it’s not possible to bake your own version at home. 

Will you still continue to create recipes around cracker thins?

Now that we have discontinued the product we won’t be creating and publishing new recipes however, feel free to be adventurous and adapt our recipes with other Free From products.

How can I get more detail on the Cracker Thins range?

For more information about any of the products in our Warbutons Gluten Free range, please get in touch with us and our team will be happy to respond to your enquiry.


If you get a minute, take a look at our blog for the latest news on the Warbutons Gluten Free range, or check out our gluten free recipe ideas for meals suitable for the whole family.

Rebrand Q&A

Why have some of the product names changed?

We've renamed several of our products for improved clarity and to ensure our customers can easily find what they're looking for - (as well as what they aren't). 

Will the products I get on prescription be changing?

No, our prescription products will still be called Warburtons Gluten Free, the products will remain the same and our packaging will remain the same at this moment in time. PIP codes will also remain the same. 

Were you not called Warburtons Gluten Free before? Why have you changed back? Reasons for doing this.

We were Warburtons gluten & wheat free back in 2011. We switched to Newburn Bakehouse in 2013 as there were no 'big brands' in Free From at the time and we didn't want to confuse shoppers. We now feel it is the right time to change to Warburtons as the free from market is a lot more developed. We will be simplifying our look to ensure it is even easier for customers to find what they're looking for. 

What has happened to Newburn Bakehouse?

We no longer use the Newburn Bakehouse brand, however, our dedicated gluten free, wheat free, milk free bakery is still situated in Newburn, Newcastle.

What happens if I have a money off voucher for Newburn Bakehouse?

We advise using your voucher before January the 15th, however, if this is not possible - please let us know so we can provide you a suitable alternative. 

Will these products still be in the Free From aisle or with other Warburtons products?

Warburtons Gluten Free can be found in the Free From aisle.  

Are you still milk and wheat free?

Yes - and we always will be!