Over half of Brits (51%) admit they struggle to know what to cook for a gluten free guest for dinner, with a shocking one in five (18%) saying they would refuse to cook for someone with a gluten free diet, our new research has revealed.


The nationwide survey comes as we launch our delicious new product, Gluten Free Soft Pittas, which makes dry pittas a thing of the past. As part of the launch, we are shining a light on the common misconceptions around gluten free food and helping the nation be more accommodating to guests that are gluten free.


 The research unveils a lack of understanding in the UK on what gluten is and which food products are free from it – with only one in four (25%) Brits who can correctly identify what gluten is. What’s more, over half of Brits (51%) think garden peas are off-limits for gluten-free diners, and a whopping 69% mistakenly believe rice contains gluten. Meanwhile, cheese, eggs, fish, and cucumber were all listed as some of the weirder items that gluten-free respondents have been asked if they’re ok to eat. Shockingly, even water made the list.


 With regards to dining attitudes, over a third (35%) of those who follow a gluten free diet admit they prefer to eat at home because it is less hassle, and one in four (24%) say they have felt judged as a ‘fussy eater’ when eating with company. When it comes to dinner invites, over a quarter of Brits (27%) admit they would avoid inviting someone over for a meal if they were gluten free, and one in four (25%) said they would request that gluten free guests bring their own food.


 To help shed light on the world of gluten free, we have partnered with Becky Excell, Coeliac UK ambassador and recipe creator. As someone who’s been gluten free for 15 years, Becky unveils her top tips on hosting a dinner party for friends that are gluten free, in the hope of raising awareness of the existing misconceptions around the diet.


Supporting Warburtons’ Gluten Free Pitta launch, Coeliac UK ambassador and gluten free recipe creator Becky Excell, said: “When I first started a gluten-free diet fifteen years ago, I wish my doctor had mentioned the strange new hobby that came along with it: repeatedly explaining to everyone what I can and can't eat! In my experience, the average person's understanding of the common sources of gluten can wildly vary. Most recently at a family gathering, a well-meaning family member told me that a plate of too-good-to-be-true party food was gluten-free... I asked to see the packaging before I ate it and upon reading the ingredients list, it turned out it was vegan and absolutely not gluten-free at all. That was yet another time that I went home hungry!


There absolutely needs to be more awareness surrounding what gluten-free eaters can and can't eat so they can be hosted correctly and not be made to feel like a 'problem' whenever food is involved. The fact that there's more delicious, ready-to-go products available in supermarkets than ever, such as the new Warburtons Gluten-free Soft Pittas, catering for gluten-free guests has truly never been easier.”


Jonathan Warburton, Chairman of Warburtons, said: "Can you believe that over a quarter of folks in Britain won't invite their gluten-free mates over for dinner? It's daft! At Warburtons, we're all about bringing people together at the dinner table, and if someone's got dietary needs, we believe they should still be part of the feast. Gluten-free eaters shouldn't miss out on family dinners or settle for bland food, which is why we're always looking at how we can create new, tasty Gluten Free products that everyone can enjoy."


Becky Excell’s Top Tips for Hosting Gluten Free Friends for the Ultimate Dinner Party


  1. Private message any guests with dietary requirements should you have any specific questions or aren’t sure of how to accommodate their needs. Talking about dietary requirements can feel awkward at the best of times, and considering they’re most likely for medical reasons, it’s always best kept confined to a one-on-one chat.
  2. Make use of free-from and gluten free products relevant to your menu. Once your menu is set, it’s time to shop! There’s no denying that accommodating a gluten free eater can require a little more thought and effort on the cook’s part here but incorporating gluten free products can instantly solve a lot of problems with very little effort.
  3. Be cross-contamination savvy. Always cook and serve gluten free food separately. In case you didn’t already know, if one crumb or drop of a gluten containing ingredient touches a gluten free product, then it’s no longer gluten free. Store the gluten free products separately and keep them sealed until you need them.
  4. Make sure that those with dietary requirements feel comfortable. I’m more talking about things like serving the gluten free eater’s food on a different plate to everyone else to denote that care has been taken to ensure their food can’t be confused with everyone else’s.
  5. Absolutely avoid going ‘medical’ with dietary talk. When it comes to table talk, talking deep into dietary requirements should be somewhere on the list that also includes casually bringing up an ex.


Our latest gluten free product, Gluten Free Soft Pittas, are certified by Coeliac UK and look to close the gap in taste between gluten and gluten free goods. The pittas have a soft, fluffy texture and an authentic taste, and are perfect for filling, dipping or enjoyed as a snack, toasted on their own.


Soft Pittas (4 pack) are now available at £3.00* online and in-store nationwide at Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Asda, Morrisons and Tesco, and soon to be followed suit at Coop.


For more information about Warburtons Gluten Free Soft Pittas, please visit: https://www.warburtonsglutenfree.com/products/supermarkets/soft-pittas