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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Warburtons Gluten Free products be frozen and how long for?

Yes, all of our products can be frozen. Freeze on the day of purchase and ideally use within one month.

Are Warburtons Gluten Free products suitable for dairy/lactose free diets?

Yes, our entire supermarket product range is milk free and therefore suitable for dairy free or lactose free diets. All products in our pharmacy range are also milk free.

Do you offer samples / vouchers?

We don’t offer vouchers or sample packs unless part of a promotion or competition, sign up to our database or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to hear about these.

I’ve had an issue with one of your products, what should I do?

Please share details with our customer care team using this contact form. You can also contact us via our postal address, see details below.

Where can I buy Warburtons Gluten Free products?

Our products are available from most major retailers including Asda, Coop, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco. They are also available online from Amazon, Ocado and Dial-A-Chemist. You can also buy our products directly at buydirect.warburtonsglutenfree.com! Please check our stockist locator to find your nearist stockist.

Can I buy Warburtons Gluten Free products direct from you or via an online store?

Great news! You can now buy direct from us at buydirect.warburtonsglutenfree.com. That's right, all of your favourite Warburtons Gluten Free products all in one place. We also have an app which you can download on your app store for easy access, repeat orders and exclusive offers. Just check out your app store!

Do all of your products contain egg?

Yes, all of our gluten free products, except our wraps, contain egg albumin. Our wraps do not contain egg but are made in a bakery that uses egg. For information about the ingredients and allergens in each product, we recommend visiting the individual product pages for our supermarket products or pharmacy range or checking the packaging.

Are Warburtons Gluten Free products suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, all of our gluten free products are suitable for vegetarians

Are Warburtons Gluten Free products suitable for vegans?

Our wraps are suitable for vegans, but unfortuntately the rest of our gluten free products are unsuitable for vegans due to the use of egg in our bakery. All of our products, except our wraps, contain egg. 

Why does it cost more to bake gluten free products?

Unlike gluten containing bakery products, our gluten free products require many more ingredients and are baked on a much smaller scale, meaning that we can’t always make the financial savings associated with baking larger batches. We are also committed to using the best ingredients to create the best products possible. We work hard to give you the best product at the best possible price.

Do Warburtons Gluten Free products contain yeast?

Yes, all of our gluten free products, except our wraps and crumpets, contain yeast. For information about the ingredients and allergens in each product, we recommend visiting the individual product pages for our supermarket products or pharmacy ranges or checking the packaging.

I've had a problem with my Buy Direct delivery. What do I do?

Get in touch with us via d2c.newburn@warburtons.co.uk and we will be able to help!

Pharmacy Range FAQs

Which products are available on prescription?

Our full pharmacy range, including our PIP codes, can be found here.  

Are your pharmacy products the same as your retail products?

No, our pharmacy products are different from our retail products, they can vary in pack size and/or weight. The pharmacy range must be ordered via pharmacies and are only available in cases of 4.

Which pharmacies can I order Warburtons Gluten Free products from?

Our pharmacy range is distributed to pharmacies through two national pharmacy wholesalers; AAH Pharmaceuticals and Phoenix. As long as your pharmacy orders from one of the main wholesalers, they will be able to order our full pharmacy range and they will not be charged any additional handling or delivery cost.

My prescription has not arrived, what should I do?

If you’ve had any problem with your prescription, we recommend speaking to your pharmacy and allowing them to investigate on your behalf.

What is the pack size/weight of prescription items?

Our pharmacy products can vary in pack size and/or weight from our retail range. You’ll find all product information including pack sizes and weights on the individual pharmacy product pages here. 

How do I order gluten free products on prescription?

Ordering your gluten free prescription can vary depending upon where you live. Visit our prescription advice pages for further information.

Can I amend my gluten free prescription?

It is possible to amend your prescription but the process will vary depending upon where you live. In most areas you will need to consult your GP in order to make changes but in certain areas this may be possible through your pharmacy. We recommend speaking to your pharmacist to find out the process in your local area.

Where can I find the PIP code of your pharmacy products?

You’ll find the PIP codes for our pharmacy products here

Why can't I get your retail products (e.g. farmhouse loaves) on prescription?

Our pharmacy range and supermarket range are separate. Only our pharmacy products are approved to be ordered through pharmacies and must adhere to certain guidelines.

How long will it take to receive my products after ordering them through a pharmacy?

You will need to place your order with the pharmacy by Thursday afternoon, the products are then baked to order over the weekend and will be ready for collection on Tuesday or Wednesday (depending on the pharmacy). If the pharmacy is unable to place the order by the cut off time on Thursday then unfortunately the order will be queued up for the following week. 

Why can’t I get certain gluten free products on prescription in my CCG anymore

Whilst there are national prescribing guidelines for gluten free prescriptions, each clinical commissioning group (CCG) is free to set its own prescribing practices and some have issued restrictive policies limiting which staple foods are available on prescription. These decisions are made at CCG level and vary across the UK. For those affected, Coeliac UK provide a number of steps that can be taken to have your voice heard, find them here.

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Do you have a query related to our Buy Direct service or a delivery? Get in touch with us at d2c.newburn@warburtons.co.uk.