Prescription Advice

If you are diagnosed with coeliac disease by a doctor, you’re entitled to receive a range of gluten free foods on prescription. This includes everything from bread, rolls, cereals and crackers, to pasta, flour mixes and pizza bases.

These prescription products are available from your GP, or in some areas, via Pharmacists. It’s important you don’t exclude dietary staples such as bread and cereals as these are important sources of fibre, vitamins and minerals.

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For those living in the UK, you will receive your prescription via your GP, our infographic shows you the full process. (Does not apply to Cumbria or Scotland)
Once you have a medical diagnosis of coeliac disease, you are entitled to a range of gluten free foods on prescription including bread, rolls and flour mixes.
We have a range of gluten free products available from pharmacies including white and brown bread and rolls.
In Scotland and Cumbria, patients get their gluten free prescription through a pharmacy led scheme called the Gluten Free Food Service, see the full process here.
Coeliac UK produce national prescribing guidelines with recommendations based on your age and gender. (Clinical Commissioning Groups have ultimate control over prescribing policies in each area)