• Our brown rolls are soft, delicious and high in calcium, they also provide a source of iron.
    (PIP Code: 368-5294, 1 Case = 4 packs)

  • Our white rolls are perfect for lunch, they’re high in calcium, and provide a source of iron.
    (PIP Code: 368-5286, 1 case = 4 packs)

Sliced Loaves

  • Our 400g Brown Loaf has a delicate flavour and soft texture whilst being high in calcium and iron.
    (PIP code: 368-5278, 1 case = 4 loaves)

  • Our 400g White Loaf is deliciously soft, high in calcium and a source of iron and fibre.
    (PIP Code: 368-5260, 1 case = 4 loaves)