If you have been medically diagnosed with coeliac disease, you are entitled to a range of gluten free products on prescription.

Your area of the UK will have a local prescribing policy which will affect how much gluten free staple food you are able to receive on prescription and how you access it.

Right from recognising the common symptoms of coeliac disease and getting medical care, to understanding more about it and ordering your first yummy gluten free range, we’re with you from the start of your free from journey

For those living in Cumbria and Scotland, you will access your gluten free prescription goods slightly differently to the rest of the UK and our infographic is at hand to tell you just what you need to do.

Receiving the diagnosis of coeliac disease and making the switch to a gluten free lifestyle can be daunting. It’s therefore vital that you have the dietary support you need to ensure that your body is getting the nutrients you need from the right food.

We believe that this shouldn’t mean cutting out your favourite food so we’ve put together helpful advice to get you started and lots of our favourite gluten, wheat and dairy free recipes in our blog.

After all, why should eating what you need mean not eating what you want?