If you’ve been diagnosed as a Coeliac in the UK, you’re able to access a range of gluten free products including bread and pasta via your GP (or your pharmacy if you live in Scotland or Cumbria).

There are over 200 clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) across the UK who have ultimate control over prescribing policies in their areas. These policies generally follow or are a variant of the national prescribing guidelines which are produced by Coeliac UK.

The amounts set out in the national prescribing guidelines are designed to ensure those with Coeliac disease are still able to maintain a balanced diet and achieve their required energy intake.

The guidelines are not binding so CCGs are free to vary from the recommendations. Coeliac UK estimates that only around 70% of CCGs conform with them, the remainder restrict various items including fresh bakery products.

The guidelines allocate a unit value to each product and recommended the number of units a person should be allocated based on their age and gender, with extra units being allocated if the receiver is pregnant or breastfeeding. This allows the receiver more flexibility to choose how they use their units across a range of staple gluten free products.

The guidelines accept that individual needs will vary and allow additional units if an assessment has been carried out by a registered dietician.

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All information is correct as of 10/2/16 according to Coeliac UK guidelines