If you've cut out wheat and gluten from your diet, you'll know how mouth-watering and tantalising the smell of freshly baked bread can be. Whether you're walking past a bakery or delicatessen, or you're in the bakery aisle of a supermarket, it's enough to make you long for a fresh, soft and fluffy loaf.

Thanks to the team of expert bakers at Newburn Bakehouse, that dream is now a reality. We bake wheat and gluten free fresh bread from scratch in our dedicated gluten free Newburn bakery, and deliver it to supermarkets all over the UK.

Varieties we produce include:

Our wheat free passion

Free-from products are not usually known for their freshness or flavour, but people who cut out wheat shouldn't have to settle for second best. As well as being suitable for people with coeliac disease or wheat intolerance, Newburn Bakehouse bread is soft and flavoursome on the inside, with a golden and crispy crust on the outside. Every member of the Newburn Bakehouse team is passionate about revolutionising the free-from market, with products that are an absolute joy to eat.

With our vast range of rolls, baguettes and bread you can experience mouth-watering freshly baked gluten free bread again. Whether you fancy hot buttered baguette, tomato bruschetta, a steak and onion sandwich, garlic bread or cheesy bread slices, there's something for every occasion. Just search for a stockist and prepare to indulge - and don't forget to tell us what you think or take a picture of your favourite recipe and show us on Twitter or Facebook.