We’re pleased to share this exciting news with you… in January we will be rebranding to Warburtons Gluten Free. You can expect a bolder, eye-catching look and the same great tasting products. Our products will still be baked in the same dedicated gluten free bakery by Warburtons specialist bakers and, of course, all of our range will remain gluten free, wheat free and milk free.

We want the whole family to be able to enjoy Warburtons products, so if you follow a gluten free diet you can enjoy the taste and quality you’d expect from us, with Warburtons Gluten Free.


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You might have some questions about our change to Warburtons Gluten Free, please find our FAQs below:


Why have some of the product names changed?

We've renamed several of our products for improved clarity and to ensure our customers can easily find what they're looking for - (as well as what they aren't). 

Will the products I get on prescription be changing? 

No, our prescription products will still be called Warburtons Gluten Free, the products will remain the same and our packaging will remain the same at this moment in time. PIP codes will also remain the same. 

Will the products be changing? Nutritionals, ingredients etc.

Thins will be improved in line with the rebrand, so, nutritionals will change slightly as we have increased the size and volume of the products for a better quality eat.  Wraps will also be improved with slight changes to ingredients. Please keep an eye on our website and refer to back of pack.

Were you not called Warburtons Gluten Free before? Why have you changed back?  Reasons for doing this.

We were Warburtons gluten & wheat free back in 2011. We switched to Newburn Bakehouse in 2013 as there were no 'big brands' in Free From at the time and we didn't want to confuse shoppers. We now feel it is the right time to change to Warburtons as the free from market is a lot more developed. We will be simplifying our look to ensure it is even easier for customers to find what they're looking for. 

What has happened to Newburn Bakehouse?

We no longer use the Newburn Bakehouse brand, however, our dedicated gluten free, wheat free, milk free bakery is still situated in Newburn, Newcastle.

Have Warburtons just started making Gluten Free, are these new products? Where are they made?

We have made gluten free products since 2011 and they have always been made at our bakery in Newburn, Newcastle. 

Is there now a risk of cross contamination?

No. In terms of our product production, nothing has changed. Our products are still made in the same dedicated bakery and we still use the same strict procedures to ensure there is never a risk of cross contamination. 

What happens if I have a money off voucher for Newburn Bakehouse?

We advise using your voucher before January the 15th, however, if this is not possible - please let us know so we can provide you a suitable alternative. 

Have we changed bakeries?

No. In terms of our product production, nothing has changed. Our products are still made in the same bakery at Newburn in Newcastle.

Has the Free From arm merged with Warburtons?

Newburn Bakehouse has always been part of Warburtons we have just rebranded to Warburtons Gluten Free. 

Will the prices be staying the same?

Retailers ultimately make their own pricing decisions - we have not changed our RRPs though.

Will these products still be in the Free From aisle or with other Warburtons products?

Warburtons Gluten Free can be found in the Free From aisle.  

Will supermarket availability change?

We work hard to ensure our products are available on as many supermarket shelves as possible. We will continually be improving our availability. 

Are you getting rid of products?

When we rebrand, Breakfast Artisan Cob with Sultanas and Orange will no longer be produced and sold. 

Are you launching new products?

We shall be launching new products next year under the Warburtons Gluten Free name - so watch this space!

Are you still milk and wheat free?

Yes - and we always will be!

Are products still certified by Coeliac UK?

Yes our products are certified by Coeliac UK. 

Product tastes different?

We have made improvements to our Wraps and Thins recipes - all of our other products remain the same  

Are your products on the same lorries as Warburtons products?

Yes, but we ensure there is no risk of cross contamination through our methods of packaging and distribution. 

Are you going to launch Warburtons products - i.e. Toastie, Giant Crumpets?

We do plan on launching some new and exciting product but we cannot yet say exactly which products - that would ruin the surprise! 

Why have you chosen black?

We have chosen black so that our products stand out on shelf and are easier for our customers to find. 


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