It’s gluten free crumpet time! How do you enjoy yours? Here at Warburtons Gluten Free we’re so excited by all the possible tasty crumpet creations. We’ve got you covered here with 16 glorious recipes to whip up in the kitchen – savoury and sweet, simple, and oh so delicious!

1. We have so mushroom for these Veggie Crumpets!
A veggie delight! Enjoy your crumpets topped with this tomato and mushroom combo for a delicious, flavoursome gluten free breakfast.

Find the recipe here.


2. Poached on top of Crumpets
Eggs Benedict is a breakfast classic! But why not opt for a different base and use our gluten free crumpets - for a truly tasty start to your day.

Check out our Eggs Benedict recipe.


3. Yogurt to try this!
Simple and berry berry nice, we recommend topping our gluten free crumpets with yogurt and fresh berries for your next breakfast! 

Get the full recipe here.


4. Crumpets and avocado – how smashing!
Avocado is the perfect topper for any snack…but what about smashing some on top of crumpets? Mixing in lime juice ensures a fresh taste, and be sure to sprinkle on those chilli flakes for a complimentary kick!

Find the full ingredients and method here.


5. The deluxe Crumpet
Fancy something extra special for breakfast? Have a go at serving up toasted gluten free crumpets with fresh smoked salmon, perfectly poached eggs and homemade hollandaise sauce.

Visit the recipe page for step by step instructions.



6. To save you scrambling about in the kitchen…
Gluten free crumpets served up with scrambled eggs and slices of sausage – a scrumptious combination, and the perfect recipe for a weekend brunch!

Check out our scrambled egg and sausage crumpet recipe here.

7. Melting magic - Tuna Melt Crumpets
Wondering how to enjoy your crumpets at lunchtime? This recipe for tuna melt crumpets is perfect – adding baby spinach and roasted peppers to really make it special.

Full recipe here.


8. Honey, I’ve eaten all the Crumpets!
For a sweet and simple treat, we recommend drizzling some lightly toasted crumpets with honey – delicious!


9. Really sweet(corn) Crumpets
Want to enjoy gluten free crumpets for your evening meal or lunch? Crumpet pizzas are the perfect option, and chicken and sweetcorn make a delicious topping!

Our chicken and sweetcorn crumpet recipe can be found here.


10. Crumpets with Mascarpone and Pineapple
Smooth and fruity, try this recipe topping gluten free crumpets with mascarpone and pineapple for a tasty snack!

Find the recipe here.


11. The smoked salmon to my cream cheese…
Smoked salmon and cream cheese is a classic combination. Enjoyed on our gluten free crumpets, this recipe is your route to a lovely breakfast or brunch.

If you fancy giving this a go, visit our recipe page.


12. You should be bacon eggsquisite Crumpets!
For an exciting crumpet creation try frying them in this eggy mixture and topping with crispy bacon and vine tomatoes. Tasty!

Check out our eggy crumpet recipe here.


13. I’ve bean keen to try these cheesy beans crumpets
Beans on toast is a go-to choice…but have you tried beans on crumpets? For a simple and warming option, definitely give this a whirl!

14. You want a pizza this Crumpet?
Check out this video recipe – we’ve got more ways for you to enjoy our gluten free crumpets, pizza style!

Add tomato passata and the toppings of your choice or check out our recipe here.


15. Pesto is the besto! Cheese, Tomato and Pesto Crumpets 
Love melted cheese, love tomatoes and love pesto? Then this is the crumpet topping for you! So simple to make and so tasty to eat.

If you need this in your life, find the recipe here.


16. Crumpets with Chocolate Spread
A popular choice that never fails, spreading chocolate spread on to warm gluten free crumpets and serving with berries is a truly yummy treat!

Whether you’re enjoying one of these recipes, or putting together something special of your own, we can’t wait to see all of your Gluten Free Crumpet creations…enjoy!

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