Bored of sandwiches? Check out these 16 inspirational ways to use Sandwich Thins, from mini pizza to mince pie.

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 1. Sweet dreams are made of these.

This cinnamon french toast with fried bananas and maple syrup is the perfect breakfast if you’ve got a sweet tooth. Find the recipe in the description or check out breakfastnbrunch's instagram for great ideas.


2. Mini Pizza’s... so you can have twice as many.

Make your own mini pizza’s using our Sandwich Thins like Chloe has done here, check out her recipe for more information.


A photo posted by Chloë McGuire (@nourishingchloe_) on Dec 21, 2015 at 7:48am PST


3. All I want for Christmas is a Mincemeat Thin.

Check out our festive recipe to make Mincemeat Thins out of our Fruity Snack Thins.


4. Eggcellent idea.

Ideal for brunch, top with avocado + egg for a top brunch time snack.


5. Avo go at this.

The homemade tomato + chilli salsa is what makes this recipe extra special. Remember, you don’t always have to smash avocado. Full recipe here!


6. Super Greek.

Griddle your thins and top them with a Greek style salad and feta cheese for a light lunch, find the recipe here.


7. Cheese.On.Thins. Mmmmmm.

Can't beat a classic! **Unmute for best effect**


8. Fruity Thins Breakfast!

Treat yourself with this fruity thins breakfast. Toast the fruit thins and serve with apples, peaches, nectarines or pears. Remember a dollop of mascarpone on the side and drizzle with honey. 


9. Holey Egg.

We love this egg on thins serving suggestion from darlinglittlestuff.



A photo posted by Jillybean✨ (@darlinglittlestuff) on Mar 11, 2016 at 4:54am PST


10. Chocolate or Orange? Both.

Simply spread the Fruity Thins with orange curd or chocolate spread and enjoy. Alternatively, try mixing the two toppings for a sweet and zesty treat



11. Peaches + Prosciutto

Here’s another toping suggestion from Gluten Free B. Check out her blog here.


12. Coronation Chicken Chipolata & Mango Chutney Sandwich

Use Debbie & Andrews Curried Chicken & Mango Chipolatas for a delightful sausage sandwich. Full recipe here


13. Proscuitto & Chutney Pizza

Far from your usual pizza toppings, this proscuitto, rocket, fig and red onion chutney pizza will get your taste buds going. Full recipe here.


14. Feta Fattoush.

Bake off contestant, Howard Middleton, called by to share his favourite lunchtime dish; a seeded feta fattoush, made with a zesty mixture of feta cheese, radish, lettuce, mint and pomegranate. Check out the recipe here.



15. Always Time for Pizza.

Another great pizza topping idea, try roasted courgette, red onion and spinach, add some mozzarella on top for that finishing touch!



16. Get Grillin'.

A slightly more traditional approach to finish the list, a grilled chicken sandwich!

Which is your favourite? Comment below or share your own ideas!